OnColor™ FX™ Special Effect Colorants

OnColor™ FX™ Brilliant Metallic Colorants

Set your product apart from everything else in the marketplace

Discover new ways to captivate your customers with astonishing effects and colorants in our OnColor™ FX™ special effects portfolio.

We can help you to distinguish your product in unexpected ways, using the equipment already at your disposal. Command attention with soft pearlescents, bold granite, or the reflective depth of our brilliant metallic colors. Explore your options for dazzling effects with us, and elevate your products to market trendsetters.


  • Pearlescent
  • Fluorescent
  • Traditional Metallic
  • Brilliant Metallic
  • Camouflage
  • Granite
  • Wood grain
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Color and Additives Solutions Overview
BU Overview
Customized color and additive solutions
OnColor™ Brilliant Metallics - Product Bulletin
Product Bulletin
Learn how OnColor Brilliant Metallic Colorants produce a striking look for polymer parts 

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