Geon™ Bold Alloys

Designing with Geon™ Bold Alloys helps you grow your business. Specially formulated for dark color capstock, profiles, and sheet used for outdoor building products, these materials provide good weathering performance and help you meet market demand for low maintenance products with the look of stained wood or painted metal. Looking to expand your color palette into trending dark colors, including “jet black?" You can, with Geon Bold alloys. 


  • Appealing dark colors in high gloss, satin and matte finish to resemble stained wood or painted metal with low consumer maintenance
  • Long term color hold performance demonstrated by outdoor weathering data in varied orientations and climates
  • Expanded color palette incorporating lower solar heat build-up pigments, including new pigment technology for a “jet black” appearance
  • Flexible design options with grades that can be extruded as a capstock over substrate, solid profile or sheet for cladding over wood
  • Grades with higher heat distortion temperatures for use in warmer climates

Geon Bold Alloys
Product Property of Note Weathering Performance Gloss Level Part Design
Geon Bold L5000 Comes in high gloss, but may be customized for application
High Gloss Capstock, profiles, sheet
Geon Bold L5500 For use as capstock over wood-plastic composite railings
High Gloss Capstock, profiles
Geon Bold L5700 Suitable for higher temperatures (HDT of 203°F/95°C). For use as capstock over wood-plastic composite or cellular PVC decking
Satin Capstock
Geon Bold L5800 Best option for lower heat build-up “jet black”
Satin Capstock
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