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As often as humanly possible, medicine must be an exact science. As a healthcare equipment manufacturer, you must meet explicit technical and regulatory standards so that practitioners can deliver effective diagnoses and treatments that will improve patient outcomes. PolyOne understands this challenge, and helps you meet it with industry-leading teams as well as materials that respond to your most exacting healthcare and medical device manufacturing needs. Select from our broad portfolio of medical polymer solutions to design and produce a full spectrum of healthcare equipment – from labware for diagnostic testing, to catheters for cardiac patients, to CT scanners for pinpointing the location of tumors.

Your customers turn to you for high-performing, cost-effective healthcare products that keep them ahead of the curve. You can turn to us for polymeric materials, distribution management, and design assistance that keep you innovating ahead of the competition.



Catheters & Tubing

Catheters carry it all—from microscopic cameras to doses of antibiotics. Choose PolyOne materials to help your catheters move well into and within the human body.


Device Housings & Enclosures

Choose PolyOne materials and give customers confidence that your device housings comply with current sterilization, durability, and manufacturing standards.


Labware & Diagnostics

Laboratory personnel need to uncover the cause of illness, using specialized labware and other equipment in the pursuit of proper diagnosis.


Medical Imaging

Whether you’re designing an MRI machine or a handheld ultrasound device, PolyOne polymer materials will help you design equipment that’s functional, safe, and compliant.


Medical Packaging

For stock and custom medical packaging needs, our rollstock and sheet for sterile device packaging is available with high barrier components for extended shelf life as well as surface texturing.


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