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Medical Device Housings & Enclosures

Housing Solutions for Surgical & Healthcare Equipment

Your medical devices need to be up to the challenge of meeting healthcare industry standards. PolyOne can help.  Disinfecting protocols using potent cleaning solutions have become more rigorous because of the increase in hospital-acquired infections in a variety of healthcare facilities. PolyOne can provide properly formulated, cost-effective materials for use as medical housings or other enclosures to withstand short- and long-term challenges each piece of equipment faces during its service life in a constantly disinfecting maintenance condition, so that the housing or other enclosure resists crazing, cracking, and other structural threats. PolyOne can provide assistance with the sale of our materials to help you determine how to achieve appropriate regulatory approvals.  


Electro-medical equipment

Protect the technology of your MRI machines, pacemakers, and monitoring systems with housings and enclosures made from innovative polymers from PolyOne.



Resilience™ Rigid Healthcare Formulations WithStand™ Antimicrobial Technology OnColor™ HC Plus Healthcare Colorants 
  Percept™ Authentication Technologies OnColor™ Smartbatch™ Color and Additive Concentrates
  OnCap™ Laser Marking Additives     Colorant Chromatics™ PES/PSU/PPSU Color Concentrates
    Colorant Chromatics™ PEEK Concentrates


THERMOPLASTIC ELASTOMERS engineered polymer formulations
GLS™ Versaflex™ TPE Materials Trilliant™ HC Healthcare Thermoplastics
  Trilliant™ XR Lead Replacement Thermoplastics
  OnForce™ LFT Long Fiber Reinforced Formulations

Surgical and medical instruments

Whether you are designing reusable staplers or disposable endoscope parts, PolyOne materials are specialized to assist you with intended instrument performance.

Surgical appliances

Your customers’ patients may need a simple finger splint or a complex neck brace. No matter the requirements, you can deliver the most effective appliance built with sturdy, durable materials for their specialized use.


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